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Payment Agreement

Payment agreement between Pagadito, Pagadito Comercios and Pagadito Users

I. General

This agreement is between Pagadito, Pagadito Comercios and the Pagadito User to establish the relationship between the delivery of payment collection services and payment made by Pagadito.

Pagadito is a form of payment used by Pagadito Comercios. By accepting this agreement, the User authorizes Pagadito Comercios to charge his/her account with Pagadito to pay the full amount of charges brought by them and arising from a purchase made by the User.

II. Method of payment

The charge to the Purchasing User is made by pressing the “buy” or similarly intended key. The Pagadito Comercio will show the Purchaser the charges he/she must pay, pointing to a link to that effect and attaching a Payment Management Application Form. Pagadito will charge the Purchasing User Pagadito Account, however, if there are no funds available in the Pagadito Account a notice shall be sent for him/her to select a payment method and confirm his/her payment. Once the payment is verified, Pagadito will notify the Users so that it may proceed with the purchasing transaction.

III. Cancellation of Payment Agreement

The User has the option of disabling Means of payment, but at least one credit or debit card associated with Pagadito Account will have to remain active for billing purposes should there be any outstanding balances or pending balances to receive. The User may choose to modify the means of payment or activate another during registration and at any time by logging into MiPagadito>Card Administrator and paying the corresponding validation fee.