This site will allow you to make tests parallel to Pagadito. No transaction here is subject to actual tax.


 1. Accounts Register

The User must select the type of Pagadito account.

Opening a Pagadito Personal account has a cost of US$ 1.49 which will be refunded to Mi Pagadito User account, and to open a Pagadito Commercial account for a Pagadito Comercio has a one-time setup fee of $ 24.99 for individuals and $ 99.99 for legal entities.

2. Transactions

Making payments for purchases through Pagadito is free of charge.

3. Withdrawals Fees

Charges and fees applicable to each of the types of funds withdrawals are those published in the website.

4. Funds Transfer Fee

By opening a Pagadito Account you may make transfers from his/her Mi Pagadito Account to Mi Pagadito other Users Accounts with a cost of 5% of the value transferred more US $0.19.

5. Additional Fees

a) Transaction rejection Fee without activating the Claims Settlement Mechanism

If the Purchasing User rejects or reverses a charge on his/her credit or debit card through the card issuer without first activating the Claims Settlement Mechanism offered by Pagadito he/she will be charged a fee of US$50.00.

b) Credit / Debit Card Validation Fee

The renewal or inclusion of a new Credit / Debit card has a cost of $ 1.49.

c) Fee for Errors in Information for funds Transfers or withdrawals.

Pagadito shall deduct a fee in case the financial institution returns or finds it impossible to carry out the transaction because the User has provided wrong banking information or regarding the destination of funds.

The fee varies from country to country and is an approximate of U.S. $ 10.00.

d) Account Statement Fee.

Currently, requests for a transaction history of an account are free of charge.

To review the Account Statement, the User can log in Mi Pagadito>Account Statement.

e) Charge for breach of duty

All fees generated by Pagadito caused as a result of breach of contract, shall be charged to the Pagadito User Account, should there be no funds available in that account, Pagadito shall automatically charge the credit or debit card associated with the Pagadito account, so the User thereby expressly accepts his/her Card to be automatically charged for the fees generated. In case of a lack of funds in the card/cards, the User shall be notified and he/she shall pay the surcharge within the time limits set forth in the policies of each of the sites, or otherwise, within 24 hours of the notification communicating the collection of the surcharge.

f) Late Payment Interests

After the deadline for payment of any fees or payment obligations, Pagadito may charge a penalty interest of 0.10% per day on the amount in arrears.

Also, Pagadito shall restrict Withdrawals from the balance in Mi Pagadito of the User in arrears and it reserves the right to disable the User's account and report it to the respective credit bureaus, which could affected the credit record of said User.

Payments will be made only in Dollars of the United States of America.